Getting Started

Our motto is “under-promise and over-deliver.” To do that at an affordable price we only work with a handful of organizations and individuals at any given time. Whether your needs are sales, marketing, client service, motivational consulting, or speaker/trainer-related, we go through the same process. First, we’ll ask you to tell us about you, your organization, your primary and secondary markets, and your budget, as well as your goals and expectations. Then, if we’re a good match, we’ll sign an agreement and do business.

Our keynote speaking, training, and/or consulting rates are based on services delivered, plus expenses. Like our other services, we’ll ask relevant questions and listen carefully to understand your needs. We’ll work with you to create customized solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. Retainer agreements are available.

Here’s how we work:

Ask and Listen

We’ll schedule several phone, or face-to-face, meetings, to find out about you and your organization, in order to help us uncover information about your goals, timeframes , and market needs. We’ll ask lots of questions and listen attentively with an objective, creative mind.

Read and Observe

Believe it! We’ll dig in and research, make notes about your existing and potential marketplace to maximize media attention, identify special sales opportunities, and capture the attention of your primary and secondary target markets. Our team will brainstorm and create strategies to communicate the value of your products and services.

Schedule and Roll

We establish a workable keynote, workshop, training, consulting plan, get your input and approval and implement the agreed-upon activities. We are committed to your success and do what needs to be done to achieve these goals.

Service and Support

You are not an interruption—you are the focus of our business. We’re no dummies. We know that by helping you grow your market, you’ll help us grow our business by referring new clients.

Now to get started, email