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Keynote presentations are often the springboard for topic-related in-house training. The topics contain substance that allows training session flexibility. Workshops and training sessions are structured for maximum learning, ranging from one-hour to three-day series. They include role play, specially designed exercises, and group discussions. Each workshop and training attendee receives a comprehensive workbook.

Note: Lunchbox workshops are available for organizations within a two-hour driving distance. For more information, email: jan@jancoates.com or click here to schedule Jan for your next event.

Motivation and Inspiration

Love What You Do… It Really Matters

Attitude is more important than beauty, intelligence, and talent. It can make or break an organization. This energizing, interactive presentation teaches participants how to live each day with contagious enthusiasm. Participants learn how to:

  • Take charge of their attitude
  • Look forward to starting the day
  • Give more into life and get more out of it

Participants discover that life is not what happens to them; it’s how they respond.

Professional Success—In Spite of the Odds

“Just Do It,” Nike’s tagline, has received international acclaim, but Jan has lived it. At 19, Jan was divorced and mom to son Chris. She was bankrupt—emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially. When she envisioned herself working at McDonalds or Wal-Mart, Jan made the decision to succeed and overcome the barriers. Jan’s inspiring rise—overcoming the odds, graduating Summa Cum Laude, to the list of the nation’s most successful women—resonates with audiences from all walks of life. Participants will learn how to set goals and stick with them. They will be deeply motivated and encouraged by Jan—the “just do it” gal—as she shares five secrets to professionally succeed.

Your Three Most Valuable Assets

The real truth—what’s inside counts! Jan interweaves powerful stories with life-changing principles, highlighting the three most valuable assets: character, integrity, and attitude. Participants learn the value of their personal assets and how to make inner-change a lifetime reality.

Women by Design

The every-woman’s success source—Women by Design. Jan shares humorous anecdotes and outlines the strengths and weaknesses of seven innate motivational gifts. Participants gain a deeper understanding of how to identify and focus on their primary gifts, fulfill their purpose, and enjoy real, long-lasting success.

Professional Growth

12 Powerful Keys to Focused Listening

Listening is a key element of communication. Listening transforms prospects into clients, and instills the listener with confidence. Participants learn to:

  • Limit their talking
  • Think like the client
  • Ask questions
  • All of which tie into the 12 powerful keys to focused listening. This fun, interactive presentation fortifies the maxim: “Those who listen win!”

Productive Networking

The rules of business are changing. Jan, “pioneer” networker, demonstrates how to cultivate new business without spending a lot of money doing it. This interactive presentation teaches participants how to parlay contacts into business relationships.

Successful Communications

The ability to communicate skillfully is the most important ingredient for success and achievement in today’s workplace. Jan’s humor and real-life stories make this presentation fun and memorable. Participants learn to create rapport, build trust, make an impact, deliver clear and concise communications, and make a positive first impression. They also gain a good understanding of diction, words that work, words that motivate, and words that irritate.

Sales, Marketing, and Client Service

Professional Selling Techniques*

Nothing happens until a sale is made. Jan is noted as one of the nation’s leading sales professionals. Give her a few moments to review the products and services and she’ll role-play with participants, encouraging them to polish their skills, and customize what they learn for their specific environment. Jan will share her secret consultative sales techniques to equip all levels of sales teams to:

  • Plan and prepare
  • Uncover opportunities
  • Ask questions
  • Address objections
  • Close the sale
  • Grow client base

* For short presentations, please select one skill topic. For example: closing, uncovering opportunities, asking questions, etc. To cover the full PST program, please allow 3 full days.

The Fundamentals of Professional Telephone Techniques

Telephone skills make or break an organization—from front-line employees to top management. Participants learn how to “set the tone” and make a positive first impression, establish priorities, take control of the conversation, understand the use of words, and wrap up the call.

Everyone Wins with Exceptional Client Service

Client service is everyone’s job. Successful organizations understand that without the client there is no basis to do business. This interactive presentation equips participants with the skills to develop long-term clients through readiness, professionalism, and added-value delivery.

Marketing Success with a Limited Budget

Jan will share successful and not-so-successful stories about targeting your market and knowing it intimately before a campaign is initiated. Participants will discover how to identify their market, its needs, buying power, and the best cost-effective methods to reach them.

10 Proven Techniques to Beat Your Competition

Employees are your most valuable asset, so train them, equip them, and make winners out of them! Excellence. Professionalism. Do what you say you will do when you say you will do it. Participants will learn these proven techniques to beat competition, plus seven more in this interactive presentation.


All presentations can be customized to meet your conference, retreat, fundraiser, meeting, special event, training, and workshop needs. The topics are flexible enough to fit a one-hour event or a series of presentations. Your event and organization’s theme can be interwoven with the topic.

Workshops and training sessions are structured for maximum learning, ranging from one-hour to three-day series. They include role play, specially designed exercises, and group discussions. Each workshop and training attendee receives a comprehensive workbook.